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Every fortnight we meet with the adults and Junior Church at Chipping Campden High School for Push-n-Shuv, or, at our High Street Building in Campden for Devoted. So, make sure you check the church calendar to see where we will be. Click here to find out

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Push-n-Shuv (PnS) Sundays 10:30am -12:00pm

at Chipping Campden High school.

After some worship with the adults with we head out to one of the school classrooms to do our own thing. If the weather is good, we’ll often head outside. PnS is primarily for years Y6-Y9.

We do daft games, assault courses, friendship building activities, get know each other and investigate what it means to know God and be known by Him. We learn how to listen, how to be courageous and discover why we can trust Him. We always try and work out how tour faith can impact the different worlds we live in.

We use the Urban Saints Energize curriculum as an inspiration for our topics and continue what we are exploring in our PnS Tuesday group

PnS Sundays run in tandem with our midweek PnS Tuesday group, Where the topics we started to look at we dig in a bit deeper.

Devoted 10:15am -12:15pm

Campden Baptist Church, High Street


Devoted is an all-age youth gathering where we get to know each other and God better.

On a 'Devoted' Sunday families drop their youth off at the church building on the High street on their way to the Main Adult & Junior Church meeting at the school. Afterward they pick them up on the way home. 


We provide breakfast for the YP - which is one less thing to think about as you lever your tween'agers and teenagers out of their beds; we know how hard that can be!


Devoted is always interactive, engaging and a good time. We hang out, eat , worship, & dig deep into God. We work out how to live out our love for God in our everyday lives. We do, big games, stupid games & fun games. Sometimes we do big fun stupid games! We use the Urban Saints Energize curriculum to inspire our topics and link in with our PnS Tuesday group. We give opportunities for YP to develop leadership skills and to serve one another.  


Breakfast provided from 10:15am.

Pick up from 12:15 pm with a free coffee!!

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Push-n-Shuv (PnS) Tuesdays 5:45pm - 7:15pm

at Campden Baptist Church, High Street

PnS Tuesday is a group pitched for youth in years 6-8 


We do daft games, get know each other and investigate what it means to know God and be known by Him. We learn how to Listen to Him, how to be courageous and discover why we can trust Him.  We really enjoy sharing food together before hand and always have a veggie option available too. If that's not for you come before 6:15 for when the fun starts.


PnS Tuesdays runs in tandem with our Sunday PnS group, but is open to anyone who wants to find out more. It also happens at same time and the same place as the Junior Church Charging Point. This really helps adults who have siblings in both groups.

  • 5:45-6:15pm We eat dinner together

  • 6:15pm the fun begins

  • 7:15pm Families collect.

Cell - Fridays 7:30-9:30pm

usually Campden Baptist Church, High Street

Cell is a community of young people who are discovering what it means to be followers of Jesus. It’s for any youth from year 9 up. They represent most of the schools in the local area. Some are in high school, some in sixth form and on Gap years, or at Uni. It’s a very welcoming and nurturing environment where friends are made and faith grows.


We most often gather at the church building but from time to time we move venue, may be going for walks or go-karting. Sometimes we’ll head down to Watford to see the Guys at Soul-Survivor Church. So, make sure you check the church calendar to see where we will be : click here 

We often start with some ice breaker games and then have a more focused time. Our YP lead our times of focus, run our snacks team and welcome team. Cell is nurtured by adult leaders, but we are keen for the YP to develop Cell for themselves. We seek to providing a space for YP to grow in their faith and experience of Jesus. We love to dig deep into the bible and see how it comments on the issues of the day. We share our lives, pray, and occasionally worship.

Cell have started some other offshoot groups too. They have zoom prayer and Bible study opportunities several times a week in the mornings and evenings. They have set up an older lads’ group and an older girls group to dig deep into Gods word and Journey together. They also have a lively WhatsApp community encouraging, supporting each other and just for having a good laugh together through the week. 

Anchor 5 Limitless

limitless summer

Limitless Festival.png

We're delighted that we're able to join an amazing Christian summer festival - called Limitless. 

For 5 days we camp at the Staffordshire Showground along with hundreds of others. Details of the next one soon. 

Visit the Limitless Festival website


or watch this year's highlights

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