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We aim to…

  • welcome you

  • be family friendly

  • be practical and relevant

  • help you make sense of the Bible and who Jesus is

  • provide upbeat worship with a contemporary flavour

We are committed to and passionate about both Word and Spirit.


We are dedicated to mission, as individuals and as a church; making Jesus known and calling people to repent, believe  and follow Him.

We are committed to fulfilling our Vision which is…  

  • Proclaiming Jesus Christ to people today

  • Making disciples

  • Building God’s Kingdom

  • Serving our Community

  • Praying for Revival

  • Planting new churches

  • Reaching the nations


We believe in the local church essentially meaning people (not buildings). We are either gathered together (i.e. on Sundays, in home-groups, prayer triplets etc.) or scattered (in our work place, homes, leisure time, in fact wherever we are).


Our times of gathering together are very important, especially for worship, encouragement, prayer, teaching, fellowship and being equipped as disciples; in order that when we scatter we continue to live as disciples, as Jesus’ people (the church) in the world.

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