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solid ground gospel choir

solid ground gospel choir

Solid Ground Gospel Choir meets on Tuesday evenings from 7:45pm until 9:30pm in our High Street Building.

Our choir leader is Kieran Wheatcroft who ably leads and plays the piano at the same time! We sing songs which are Christian in content and Gospel in style.


There are no auditions - and we have a simple entry requirement... that you enjoy singing and being with like minded people. We sing for pleasure and not perfection. We work towards and perform the occasional concert.


There is a subscription of £10 which goes towards heating lighting and refreshments provided by the Church.

All are welcome. Please check our Calendar for dates, concerts and any changes.


Please note, we especially need bass voices usually but not exclusively men.

For further details contact Jan Mitchell (07979 212690) or Maralyn Harvey (07763429891).

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