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our youth:

We really value young people (YP) at CBC. Whether they have a strong faith or no faith at all, they are all welcome. We have YP from most of the schools in the area, and from lots of different  backgrounds and outlooks on life. Apart from the groups below we also offering mentoring and pastoral support. Youth and teenagers are as much part of our fellowship as any others within our church life. Teenage years are precious; a time of growing, adapting, change and challenge. 

We have a great team of loving and experienced volunteers who have been through Safeguarding training, and all hold a DBS certificates renewed every 3 years. We aim to provide a safe, nurturing, encouraging environment from which we can inspire and challenge young people to grow in confidence and maturity.


We pray the YP will grow in their relationship with Jesus and with each other and in courage to tell their friends about Jesus; their friends are all ways welcome to all our groups.

We give opportunities for YPs to develop leadership skills and to serve one another. 

We encourage our YP to serve the wider church in the worship teams, Junior Church teams and other teams.

We love it when our YP respond to the call to go on mission, whether short term or long term. At the present some former YPs are serving with on an OM Ship, with YWAM in Papua Guinea, in a number of countries in the Middle East as well as nearer at home in the UK.

You can find more about each group (scroll down) and where and when all the groups meet via Website Calendar click here to find out

As well as our regular Sundays and weekly gatherings we also participate in away trips with thousands of other young people to grow together and enjoy fun and fellowship.

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Tim Crummack is our Youth Ministry Leader
If you'd like to get in contact email him

Every Sunday we meet together for either

Push-n-Shuv or Devoted.


click the logos below to find out more and check our church calendar to see where we are each week

5:30pm - 7pm

High Street Building, Chipping Campden

for young people Years 6-8


7:30pm - 9:30pm

usually High Street Building, Chipping Campden

for young people Year 9 upwards

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