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charging point

Charging Point is a group for children aged 8-11.

We meet in the Church High Street Building from 5:30 – 7pm on Tuesday evenings in school term times (see the Calendar if you need to check the dates).


The evening starts with sharing a meal… it’s a great time to chat about how our week has been and get to know each other better. Each week we alternate between pizza and jacket potatoes (with various toppings), and there is always a second option of pasta in tomato sauce. (See the calendar for this week’s food option)


After the meal we play some active games – some are more crazy than others! We have a laugh together and learn to work well as a team.


Next, it’s time to encourage each other in our faith journey. We often start with a story or passage from the bible – sometimes a short video, then spend time discussing how it might relate to our lives and respond in some way. We sometimes have a quiet time to chat to God and catch what he might be saying to us.

Charging Point happens at the same time and place as Push & Shuv for age 11-13. (We just use different parts of the building). This means that if you have children in both groups, you can easily drop them all in one go… and if you live a distance away, it could be a chance to arrange a meet-up with other parents for a coffee, or spend some quiet time in our prayer room.

CBC Logo Kids.png
Charging Point includes
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