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the MONEY management COURSE could help you navigate the challenges of 2022

This FREE course can help you with your finances - Help with Money management

With the tsunami of incoming price rises in energy, fuel and food (not to mention that inflation is rising faster than we have seen for some years) many people will start to come under pressure to maintain their lifestyle.


If you are not already looking ahead at what your financial situation will be then you could be in for a nasty surprise.

In order to help our community (both you AND anyone else you think might need this skillset) Campden Baptist Church is offering an online course.

Campden Money Management Course

The Campden Money Management Course is completed online and will teach you how to budget your coming year in detail so that you can identify future problems and take the appropriate action. It can also be used to identify savings required for big events.


The course is delivered by YouTube videos and you progress at your own pace. You will need a computer, internet access and be able to use a simple spreadsheet. Telephone and email support will be available if required.

Whilst there are only about 4.5 hours of training videos you should also allow for the time to gather and input your own data into the pre set up schedules which you can download.

PLEASE do not ignore the situation and DO TELL others about this help on offer.

For more information please see, call or email Martin Pleasance

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