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junior church & creche

We warmly welcome all children at our Sunday morning services. If you are visiting, Verity and team will be on hand at in the foyer to welcome each child and ensure you know where everything is.

Our services usually begin with a short time of praise and worship for all the family. We have flags, streamers and percussion instruments available for children to use. For toddlers, there are little activity bags available for them to use in the service. Parents, please do not worry if your young children squeal, cry, shout, scream, run around - we are very happy for them to do so.

junior church

After about 15 minutes together in the main service Verity and team introduce the theme for Junior Church and then lead out the children aged 4-11 to the classrooms. We usually start the session with all ages together for a welcome time, some active games, then a chat about our theme whilst having a small snack. Then, we usually divide into two groups to look at the bible, so the children can respond in an age-appropriate way - in prayer, song and using creative activities.

We try to return the children to the main hall just before the end of the service, but if we don’t quite finish in time, please collect your child from the classrooms straight after the service.


For children aged 3 and under, we have a manned crche room where you can drop off your child (or stay and play with them) and there is also a small room just off the foyer if you need a quiet space with your young baby.


On occasions, we have family services where the children stay in with the adults for part or all of the service, for example our Christmas Nativity Service. 


If you're visiting during the school holidays, there may be a slightly different format – we may run less structured sessions where there is a free a choice of active games or creative activities on our theme, and combine all age-groups together. (Please check the Calendar for details).

CBC Logo Kids.png
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