sunday 22 march 2020 at




sunday worship 22 March 2020


As you know we're unable to meet for a normal service due to current COVID-19 restrictions, however, we're hoping, if possible, that we'll still all be able to join together, in an act of worship in our homes, at 10:30am, please work through our service below: 


Order of Service


Opening worship songs (2).


Rob, our worship leader says "I chose these because they remind us of how God is our firm foundation and speak of the hope we have in Him. 'Your hope is stronger and nothing compares….'
Guardian & Love Came Down 


Scripture Reading : 1 Corinthians 1:2-3 & 1 Corinthians 12:1-31 : Philip Deller 

Message : Edward ... "Body Life, Body Beautiful" 


Prayer time: Philip 


Responsive Worship, "'The Cross Stands' brings us back to the foot cross and tells of its power over all things; 'Oceans' speaks to how God comes to us and surrounds when we feel overwhelmed by circumstances; likewise 'One Thing Remains' tells of how his love never fails us; 'Waymaker' speaks of his light in the darkness. 

The Cross Stands 


One Thing Remains 


Even though our service is on screen, we're still unified in Jesus, and together in the Spirit. We pray the Lord would meet, refresh and build us in faith and courage.